1905 Brownie


chocolate brownie with a coffee liqueur glaze



$4 – one housemade cannoli shell with filling. Choose up to three fillings per shell: cherry coulis, pistachio paste, chocolate ganache, or all three (spumoni)

Chocolate Chip Cookie


Peanut Butter Cookie


Sorbet (blackberry or mango*)


house-made sorbet (*mango is made with a tiny amount of tequila)
(make it a bellini with sparkling wine +2)

Strawberry-Rhubarb Pavlova


baked meringue, cocoa nibs, strawberry-rhubarb coulis, fresh strawberries, named for the famed Russian ballerina

Tiramisu Trifle


ladyfinger sponge cake soaked in espresso and rum, mascarpone mousse

Vanilla Panna Cotta


with tamarind sauce, rustic pistachio biscuit, and banana chips