At The 1905, we are grateful for the relationships we have made with Portland’s jazz community. Before the pandemic, we were thrilled to have provided the stage, cocktails, and pizza to support the musicians, their work, and their fans. We are excited to return to seven nights per week of some of the best music Portland has to offer. We have some big plans and are excited for our newest partnership: The Kareem Kandi World Orchestra.

Like The 1905, The Kareem Kandi World Orchestra shares our values in bolstering the Jazz community across the country:

The Kareem Kandi World Orchestra exists to create and sustain cultural exchanges by collaborating, educating, and performing through jazz and is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing high quality performances and music education to communities around the globe. Through the use of concerts, workshops, composing, recording, and cultural exchanges, the Kareem Kandi World Orchestra brings people together through the broad scope of music and the jazz art form.

The alignment of their vision and ours has allowed for an excellent, mutually-beneficial opportunity to raise funds for:

• Live music
• Jazz education & outreach
• Venue enhancements (stage, lights, sound, etc.)

Use the box below and make a contribution today or scan our QR code!

TAX ID: 81-3965821